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Bootstrap 4 Concept Theme



This is a mock up of a Bootstrap 4 theme. It's a work in progress, but I want to get some feedback on the design before I proceed.

I'm gonna make a Bootstrap 4 theme. Bootstrap 4's exciting - there are way more features than previous versions. First though I figured I'd mock this and get some feedback.

There's still a long time before it's release, but a lot of the core classes and styles are stable.

Scroll down to see the styling.



This is lead text. Trysail Sail ho Corsair red ensign hulk smartly boom jib rum gangway. Case shot Shiver me timbers gangplank crack Jennys tea cup ballast Blimey lee snow crow's nest rutters.

Hogshead ye Letter of Marque bucko knave Pieces of Eight matey mutiny interloper six pounders.

Quarter squiffy topmast plunder swab square-rigged gally nipperkin reef man-of-war. Keelhaul to go on account no prey, no pay Privateer Pieces of Eight belaying pin scuppers Jolly Roger bounty aye.

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It's always good to see what links look like


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  1. Firstly
  2. Secondly
  3. Thirdly
  4. Fourthly


I grew up in a utopia, I did. California when I was a child was a child's paradise, I was healthy, well fed, well clothed, well housed. I went to school and there were libraries with all the world in them and after school I played in orange groves and in Little League and in the band and down at the beach and every day was an adventure. . . . I grew up in utopia

Kim Stanley Robinson, Pacific Edge


# First Name Last Name Username
1 Mark Otto @mdo
2 Jacob Thornton @fat
3 Larry the Bird @twitter

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